“I can honestly say that choosing a real estate agent is not easy. You need to be able to communicate with each other. Joanne was excellent at this and more. Not only is she knowledgeable in her field, but also in managing us. I don’t know what I would do without her reminders and keeping us on top of what could possibly be a difficult time in selling our home. I admire her negotiation skills as well. 

“My husband and I were very happy to have her as out agent. Thanks, Joanne.”

-- Cindy and Jim D., December 2016


"I want to thank you, Joanne, for the seamless transaction of assisting in the sale of my parents’ house of 68 years in Wayland. I appreciate your guidance, professionalism and ‘do what it takes to make it happen on time’ approach!  You helped handle any issue without me having to drive in from Springfield which was HUGE. Especially when the town was on a disconnect with sewer and plumbing! Thank you again for your tireless effort and always answering the phone! My referral to the neighbors speaks volumes.”

-- Paul Z.,  December 2016

"Joanne was very professional and patient with us throughout the entire process.  Joanne was always willing to answer all of our questions and do an extensive background check on all properties we looked at.  Joanne was knowledgeable about things to look out for and did a good job keeping us informed at all times. We were very pleased with the service provided by Joanne and thank her for all the work she did in helping us buy our home.”

-- Brian L., October 2016

“Jay and I want to thank you for your help with both the sale of our home and the purchase of our condominium in Wayland.

“We recognize and appreciate your attention to every detail and your quick responsiveness to our questions and concerns.  You were the quintessential professional in all aspects of our communication with you and your timely responses in answering our questions was very much appreciated.”

-- Sue F., October 2016

“This is a sincere thank you for your extraordinary effort to sell our home.  Because of the number of homes for sale, selling became quite a chore.  Your advice in preparing our home, and the presentation of our home was indeed a gift.  Your patience in dealing with clients and ourselves, your efforts in making it easy for us to correspond, and your willingness to keep us totally informed in every phase of the process were a big help in keeping us abreast.  Your diligence dealing with the buyers, inspectors, and attorneys, etc. gave us a warm feeling that nothing would go astray.  The closing was a completely warm and gentle event because of all the work and effort you did. 
“Thank you again, Joanne, for everything.”

-- Ellie and Sandy, November 2015

“Based on referrals from friends we contacted Joanne Berry when we decided it was time to look into the process of selling the home we had lived in for 49.5+ years and where our family was raised.  From the onset Joanne gave us accurate and helpful guidance.  She consulted wisely as the process evolved and in two months we accepted an offer to purchase our house.  When needed she referred us to good legal and maintenance services as well as the all-important service of clearing out many items at rushed times just prior to closing.  All of her specialized counsel was offered in a courteous and positive manner.  She did a great job for us and we recommend her highly.”

-- Nancy and Don B., October 2015

“When I met Joanne Berry I asked her a lot of questions about what I should do to help sell my house. She looked around and told me ‘you are getting there.’  During the selling period I would call or email her about my concern on items in the house, she always picked up the phone or answered my email to clarify and ascertain the situation. She referred me to people of different interest whom I could ask to facilitate my move.  She gave me inputs and suggestions without being pushy, with a gentle nudge so I could act on it. 

“As everyone knows, selling your own home is very stressful but somehow the event went by easy through Joanne’s guidance. I could not ask for a better outcome. Thank you very much, Joanne.

“If I have another house to sell or buy I will seek Joanne’s help again for peace of mind.”

-- Procy K., September 2015

“It has been both our good fortune and pleasure to have Joanne be our broker twice; once as buyers and again most recently as sellers. In both cases spanning two decades she has gone above and beyond. Joanne combines her considerable skills, knowledge and experience to answer our many questions and meet our every need. From pricing, staging, marketing, advising and recommendations for septic contractors and real estate lawyers to assisting with water meter reading and payment when we couldn't, Joanne delivered the highest level of customer service. Her work ethic is impressive. She was always available and providing timely and detailed communication throughout the process. Her ability to anticipate, problem solve and be accessible kept the entire experience stress free and made us feel well prepared, well informed, well supported and well represented. Joanne was an invaluable partner to have during the sale of our Sudbury home and is an outstanding Realtor.”

-- Paul and Maureen W., September 2015

We were moving from California to Massachusetts and Joanne helped us every step of the way for over a year. She replied to our emails quickly and was very knowledgeable about the communities we wanted to live in. She had the highest degree of professionalism throughout the process and I always felt like she was being honest with us. Working with someone as even-keeled and patient as Joanne made the already stressful process of buying a house much more manageable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Joanne to anyone looking to buy a house and I would definitely use her again in the future."

-- Kristen B., June 2015

“Joanne was knowledgeable and realistic about both the selling price and the time it took to sell the house and was calm with all my jitters. She returned calls and emails promptly, even when she was on vacation. We moved out of state before the closing, and it was reassuring that Joanne was there to take care of things. Thank you, Joanne, for making the sale of our house happen – before the winter!”

-- Sue, January 2015

"I have just sold my second home with Hammond Residential using Joanne Berry as my agent.

“Why did I return to Hammond? I returned because Joanne provided excellent advice with her vast knowledge of the market especially the Metrowest area of Massachusetts.  Joanne gave me exceptional service with constant updates and advice.  I could not have asked for more personal service.  I felt as if I was the most important client that she had.  Joanne made the process of selling my home simple and easy which is not always the case in today’s market.  Joanne's ability to follow up with fellow agents and interested parties was key to selling our property.

“I would never hesitate to call Joanne when finding myself in need of a real estate agent/broker.  Thank you again, Joanne, for everything you did for me and my family.”

-- John H., September 2014

“Our experience with selling our townhouse in Waltham was the quickest and easiest of any real estate transactions we've done.   We quickly got an offer that met our target selling price, and our Hammond agent handled logistics with showings and other things, with buyer and our tenants, which was very valuable as we don't live nearby.  Clearly it took a dedicated and focused effort to make things go this smoothly, which we appreciate.  We'd definitely go to Joanne again, for future needs.“

-- Rex W., August 2014

“We had the pleasure of working with Joanne for the second time on the purchase of our new home.

“Joanne is very knowledgeable, with years of experience. She helped us get our offer accepted on our home in a very competitive market, even working while away on her well-deserved vacation. She was always available to answer any questions and give advice.  Joanne was helpful in every step of the home buying process and worked promptly to address any issues that arose.

“We are thankful for everything Joanne did for us in the purchase of our new home and would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.”

-- Paul M., May 2014

"This year, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and try to buy our first house. We wanted to give our son the chance to play in a yard and enjoy the benefits of living in a great community.

"My family had worked with Joanne Berry before and had great experiences so I contacted her last winter. She brought a colleague, Mindy Sanford, and we began our journey. We knew it would be hard to sell our small condo and buy a house with limited funds, but we had no idea just how difficult it was going to be! We ran into so many problems, from uncovering major issues during our condo inspection to the buyers having problems with finding financing.

"Thankfully, Joanne and Mindy were there every step of the way to help! They reassured us that it would work out. They were always available to help in any way. They were able to fix all of the problems and jump over any hurdle in our way. They even drove up to an hour and a half away to show us homes. Whenever I was ready to quit, Joanne's calm voice or Mindy's friendly smile would be there to reassure me.

"With Joanne and Mindy's help, we were able to buy our dream home! We could not have done it without their knowledge of real estate, mortgage acquisition, and financing. I would highly recommend them to any person looking to sell or buy a new home. I will definitely use them again in the future!"

-- Amy, Mike, and Sam, September 2013

“My husband and I feel extremely thankful to have had our first-time home buying experience in the hands of Joanne Berry. Joanne was always available with her knowledge and wisdom to provide information and answer any questions. We valued her expertise as a real estate agent with many years of experience. We knew very little when we started the process so Joanne carefully walked us through each step from beginning to end. Joanne's professionalism is exceptional. Her strong ethics and values were a comfort to us. She always made sure the decisions we were making were our own, without her influence or bias. We are deeply grateful to Joanne for helping us find an incredible house, one that we are so happy to call home for our family.”

-- Ingrid D., July 2013

"We still can not believe our great fortune to have worked with Joanne Berry of your Wellesley office!

"A week after sharing what we hoped to find in our first home together, she presented the ideal listing. The neighborhood, size and budget were a complete bullseye!

"Several issues arose during our closing period and Joanne worked diligently to ensure that everything was done properly (ie: legally and to code) and in a timely fashion. Joanne's patience, attention to detail and knowledge of the area made our home buying process easier than we could have possibly hoped.

"We look forward to working with her in the future and referring her to our friends and family."

-- Hope and Sam M., June 2013

“I have to tell you (and I have told everyone who inquires about my home sale) what a great job you did for me. You certainly know the real estate business, especially in Wellesley, and the sale of my home would not have gone off without a hitch without your attention to detail, your personal interest in my success and your professionalism. Your quick response to my questions whether by e-mail or telephone was gratifying and comforting and I quickly gained full confidence in your knowledge of the business, the Wellesley market and your expertise. Because of the confidence you inspired in me I was always comfortable with your recommendations and decisions.

“Thank you so much for a successful conclusion to an anxious experience.”

-- Bob C., May 2013

"Joanne helped us buy our new condo last year. She was extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of real estate, thoroughly professional, always available for questions and generally a pleasure to work with. We recommend her highly!"

-- Lynn & Ross T., April 2013

“Joanne Berry was our real estate agent when we sold our home of forty-nine years this past summer. As total novices in this process, we relied on the advice of neighbors and friends who had had positive experiences with her. We are so glad we listened to those who knew a lot more than us as it quickly became apparent that there is so much more to selling a home than just listing it and hoping that someone loves it enough to buy it. Joanne guided us through each step of the process which included deciding which areas of the house needed renovations and which did not and how to stage it in order to show our home to its best advantage. We never felt overwhelmed because Joanne provided constant reassurance and kept us informed of everything that would happen from the day our house went on the market until the documents were signed at the closing. She was always available via her cell phone and was a reassuring presence during all phases of the sale. What could have been a time of great anxiety was made very much easier by having Joanne’s capable assistance. We felt fortunate in our choice of agent and would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends.”

-- Marsha S., February 2013

“We found ourselves in the position of needing to empty and sell the home my parents had lived in for more than fifty years. The task was made even more challenging as the need to sell arose as my wife and I were headed to Florida for four months.

“We were fortunate enough to have been referred to Joanne Berry by old friends living in Wayland. Joanne was undaunted by the challenge our situation posed and confidently led us through the process of contracting with an individual who not only handled the sale of items of value from my parents’ home, but also then removed all remaining items that were either donated to charitable organizations or hauled away and disposed of.

“Even though I was delinquent in fully executing the contract with Joanne’s brokerage firm, she took it upon herself to quickly put together a sales flyer that was distributed during the estate sale. The ultimate buyer of the home was attracted by that hastily produced flyer. This was a clear example of someone who knows her business, can move quickly when an opportunity presents itself, and can effectively nurture buyer interest.

“Joanne’s services continued through a series of email messages and telephone conversations that ultimately resolved the slew of issues pertaining to: sales price negotiations; buyer qualification; home inspections; radon tests; septic certifications; etc.

“Joanne’s involvement further included providing real estate attorney recommendations and representing my family at the sale closing.

“Without equivocation, I have never been involved in a complex transaction where I benefited from representation that was more responsive, proactive, and knowledgeable – a thoroughly professional job.”

-- Bob C., October 2012

“When I knew I was moving back to the New England area from San Diego, my son-in-law gave me Joanne’s name that he had received from a good friend.  We had never met – just a phone call across the country, and Joanne immediately agreed to help me find my new home – and quickly. Time was of the essence as my San Diego house sold very quickly. It was an easy and yet professional experience working with Joanne during the week I was househunting in the Sudbury/Wayland area. 

“I (we) made an offer on the first condo we visited on the first day and it was quickly accepted.  As I took care of the packing, moving, etc. on the San Diego house, Joanne was overseeing the details of the purchase of the Sudbury condo, including being present for the home inspection and reporting the results to me immediately.  She was truly a calm presence in the final days before closing on the Sudbury condo as the closing for my San Diego house was delayed a week.  In the end, the closing was pushed back a few days and all was well. 

“What I most appreciated about Joanne’s work is the calm presence she exuded in what is often a stressed out and pushy atmosphere.  Any seller or buyer would be blessed to have Joanne Berry represent him or her in selling or finding a new spot to call home.”

—Dorothy D., September 2012

“Joanne’s attention to detail, understanding of home construction, and guidance during the inspection and offer process proved invaluable in our condo-buying experience.”

—Carol Y., October 2012

“Joanne knows Wayland and MetroWest better than any broker I have ever worked with.  Her vast knowledge of the market has always helped me maximize my bottom line. There is no one I would rather have on my team whether it be buying or selling a home than Joanne.”

—Matt R., September 2012